Bokor National Park

Bokor Mountain is about 11 kilometers west of Kampot city. The mountain was first developed by a group of foreigners in 1917 and later organized by a Frenchman named Roulouse on April 13, 1922, during the reign of King Sisowath. During colonial times, Bokor Mountain was a hill station for the French colonists looking for an alternative to the heat of the city. Bokor Mountain is 1075 meters high and the temperature at the top on the Bokor Mountain is moderately cool, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 c. the 32 kilometer trip from the base to the top of the Mountain can take up to one hour and sometime longer, depending on the mode of transportation.


Bokor mountain is located 42 km from Kampot. Developed by French colonists in 1922 during the reign of King Sisowath, it was a favored hill retreat. Bokor was a resort location for affluent French colonists who sought escape from the heat of the city..